Floor Lamps

The living room and bedroom can accommodate these lamps that are now part of the most common fixtures, arranged in a corner of a room, the floor lamps are a decorative element in itself. The floor lamps are available in a multitude of forms (from classic to design through models for children), sizes and materials. Mounted on a foot tall, floor has mostly an adjustment to the power of light. This allows you to choose the intensity of your lighting based on time of day.


Movie Posters Get Mashed Up With Lamps

EliteFixtures, correspondence lights seller, have funny designers… Their new project: adding light as main protagonists of popular movies, let see the result.    


UseDesign Ski Floor Lamp

UseDesign lamps are handmade from reclaimed and discarded materials, modified, assembled and then painted to obtain stylish lights. Source: Recyclart.

Whiskey Bottles Pulley


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