Original Arc Floor Lamps IKEA

Among the popular Ikea lamps, arc floor lamp has creativity that appeals enormously. His foot is transformed into a beautiful arc of a circle that carries the light at the center of the room or in a specific part. The many and varied models are available from this brand to create exactly the design that suits you!

Alliance of Materials

Modern Arc Floor Lamp IKEA

Original Arc Floor Lamps from IKEA

As one of the simplest, Ikea arc floor lamp can be represented by an arc created in a flexible metal and ending with a light shade of paper or silk. This combination is very effective because it will suit many interiors. Simple enough to be able to add in a living room without completely transform its definition, it brings a modern touch that will make the difference.

Very affordable, it can be chosen by all households to deploy in a room and bring his light every day. The light that shines through the fabric has such a rate that the people who will make that choice will be welcomed every day. Nice for its lightweight feel, this lamp has its place everywhere.

Metal Arc Floor Lamp IKEA

Big Arc Floor Lamp with Chrome

Original Arc Floor Lamps from IKEA

This arc lamp by Ikea has an irresistible style since the metal used has a stunning beauty with all the nuances that appear. Stainless steel, brushed steel or any other metal are perfect for composing this type of luminaire. The goal is to bring brightness and charm. The Party which hosts the bulb is immediately visible and positions the bow to the exact place of his choice in his living room. It accompanies the coffee table or a dining area with a lifting table.

The combination of metal with modern furniture provides a perfect result. Can illuminate the corner of a couch, it will allow the reading of a family member while others can watch TV. This floor lamp available in this brand can adapt to the different activities of a home. The metal is both neutral to please all of them but has a charm that leaves no one indifferent. This choice represents a safe bet to enhance a room. Completely different from other types of lighting, the choice is to take a completely unusual for housing.

Curved Arc Lamp

Curved Arc Floor Lamp IKEA

Original Arc Floor Lamps from IKEA

Representing the most daring model of the moment, he has wisely combined the beauty of the rainbow and the charm of fixtures with several branches. It is certain that the result would attract a large number of individuals. The branches are spread in a magnificent way the entire length of the arc. This creation is to adopt to feel privileged every day in his personal space. Being in a room that has adopted such a style is the assurance of feeling surrounded by a favorable light, perfectly balanced for an incredible effect.

An arc floor lamp Ikea of this type is available in different forms in order to please many people. Metal, it offers chic that will extend throughout the living room or the bedroom. Colored glass, the effect is intense and will give more depth to a room. The transparent glass is beautiful to watch when on several branches at once. A poetic gradient will be quite appropriate in the living room because it will make the room pleasant and conducive to daydreaming.

Culture of Unusual

REGOLIT Arc Floor Lamp IKEA with shade and hoop

Original Arc Floor Lamps from IKEA

This Swedish brand makes it a point to offer lamps that completely change all those found elsewhere. The model is completely wooden splendid since the foot is gently molded into the desired shape. The arc lamp Ikea is the result of precision work to achieve excellence. At its end, a nice round wicker, bamboo or natural material that can be transformed to accommodate the famous bulb. The set will be extraordinary, completely in the spirit of Ikea.

Swedish design will be where we least expect it in a very simple mind and completely in Scandinavian style with a focus on materials. The lamp that is in this store does so unlike any other and that is precisely what gives it its charm. Ikea also knows perfectly offer ultra designs arc floor lamps to be at the forefront of the trend. The collections succeed and do not look for a beautiful decoration.

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