Modern Lighting with Design & Comfort

The importance of a modern lighting in interior design

Light is essential to our daily lives, but sometimes we tend to neglect our choice of modern lighting. Today we will talk about modern lighting and demonstrate that it is possible to combine design and visual comfort. We will show you many insights that can play with the intensity of light and change moods depending on the parts, volume, and hours of the day.

How to Choose a Modern Design Lighting

Floor lamps, bulbs, suspensions … The choices are multiplying and moods vary depending on your mood. Subdued light, powerful or colored? Remember to define your needs for every room, and choose lamps that best meet your needs while respecting your interior.

  • You know nothing about interior lighting but you want to know the fundamentals?
  • When you imagine and develop your lighting plan, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What will we do in this room?
  • Which parts of the room will be used most?
  • At what point will we be in this room?

You must have the ability to vary the light intensity according to the different activities that take place in a room. A living room can be multifunction during the day (gym, playground for children … and so on), and in the evening a place of rest and relaxation for reading or watching television. It is possible that the kitchen is the place where your children do their homework, where you enjoy entertaining friends. You may want to use different lights depending on whether you receive friends in an intimate and friendly atmosphere or a more direct and invigorating light to keep your child focus.

First tip for large spaces, such as your main room. If you want to be able to vary the atmosphere, integrate multiple types of light and create different atmospheres depending on your needs. Suspended in the middle of the room to have a central skylight and a few lamps placed at strategic points on your part will give the possibility to vary the brightness and locate your needs.

Another tip: Dare to stage and remember a pretty lamp laid on your floor (floor lamp) will bring light to your room and sift and give personality to your space as a design object we expose in a gallery.

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