DIY Wooden Floor Lamp with Shelf

Clever, the modular bedside shelf with built-in lamp has it all! Find out how to make it easy.

DIY Wooden Floor Lamp with Shelves


  • 3 boxes of different sizes
  • A bell saw
  • Cleats
  • Felt
  • A copper tube
  • A tee fitting
  • A tube
  • An electrical wire, a socket, a bulb and a lampshade (or a lamp post)

How to do?

Thread 3 nested cases, drilled with a bell saw, on a wooden pin (Ø 18 mm, H = stacked boxes + 15 cm), insert lugs (H 10 mm), covered with felt.

Place 1 copper tube (Ø 20 mm, H 12 cm) on the wooden pin, a tee fitting (Ø 20 mm) and 1 tube (L 30 cm).

Slide the electrical wire into the fitting, install a socket and a shade.

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