Sobieski 1696 Steampunk Desklamp

Introducing: “The Sobieski 1696”

This light has been in the design stage for quite awhile and I’m very proud of it!! I am proud to introduce the Sobie 1696 desk lamp. This light is a one of a kind! You won’t find this light anywhere else….



They mixed the idea of industrial and steampunk with a very clean sleek design. Then, I decided to do what no one is doing…. apply a unique bottle to top it off! You may see bottle lamps, but nothing like this one!

This light can be made in many variations including: Finishes ( Copper, Brass, Nickel, etc)
a Color of cord ( many available) contact for details!

Desk lamp as shown:

  • 1- 3′ Copper Kettle Vintage two wire twisted cloth cord
  • 1- Vintage Black 2 prong plug
  • 1- Solid Brass Black Socket
  • 1- Vintage Edison Hairpin filament Bulb 40 watt
  • 1- Spun Copper Lamp Base
  • 1- Nickel Toggle Switch
  • 2- Piece Decorative Cap (Black and Polished Copper)
  • 2 – Brass Decorative Accent Caps (Black)
  • 1- 1.75 Ltr Sobieski 1696 Bottle ( Cut and Polished)

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