Balvenie Whiskey Bottle Pendant Light Black Series

These bottles are the black series of Balvenie Whiskey bottle and are absolutely beautiful as a pendant light, made from all different aged whiskey bottles from 12 years to 25 years in my collection, these are sure to be a one of a kind conversation piece in your home! These bottles all give off a beautiful green hue, due to manufacturing process…in which they are high in copper content and minerals in the glass. This is a one of a kind listing in my variant series in pendant lighting!

The pendant light seen here is a 750 ml bottle no labels

This light includes:

1- 3′ 2 wire twisted cloth cord (Black)

1- 40 watt Edison Radio Style Tubular Bulb (many variations)

1- Black Socket

2- Black Strain Reliefs

1- 750ml Upcycled Whiskey Bottle ( Balvenie )

1- Wooden Cap w/ Cork (Black)

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Damon Hall

Thank you again for the share!