Steampunk Analog Mantel Clock

Steampunk Analog Mantel Clock 1 - Wood Lamps - iD Lights
Gorgeous unique steampunk desktop clock. These wooden desk clocks can be used as a night lamp. Steampunk lamp in the form of a desk clock. Clock lamp, table lamp with the clock. It can be called differently this unique piece of interior and you will not be mistaken. But the main thing is unique design and functionality. This watch will decorate the interior of any house. At night, the room will be illuminated by a mysterious light and will show the exact time, but the main thing they can be considered for a long time and admire their appearance.
A smart gift for the father’s day, a gift to a close friend’s birthday or a gift to a colleague at work.

I made this watch from quality recycled wood. Many items from old watches adorn this watch and make them not repeatable. LED backlighting is very economical and modern. The power supply for LEDs is included with this product. Processing of wood and parts I try to produce with ecological paints and varnishes.
Style steampunk is my favorite and I hope this watch lamp you will like.

Size 15cm (6in) x15cm (6inch) x4cm (1.6in)

Weight 300 gr

Sold by LIFEHOBBY on Etsy
Price: 80.00 EUR

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