Making the Best Out of a Small Dining Space

When choosing to downsize to a mobile home or an RV, you will undoubtedly have to give up on some of your square footage. While small can be better in many ways, there is still a need for functional living and dining. You are not alone if you are struggling with your eating area due to limited space. 

Apartment dwellers have been dealing with small dining areas for years. Thanks to those innovative small space dwellers, many of the following tips to make your area seem bigger originated. Whether you go with convertible furnishings or use design tricks, there are many ways to deal with your small dining space. 

There is no reason that you can’t accommodate one or two guests in a comfortable dining area, even if it is small. Choosing modern furnishings from Kasala is one way to create a functional, if slightly small, space. Let’s take a closer look at a few tips to help you make the best out of your small dining area. 

Banquet Seating

Traditional chairs around a dining table really limit your capacity in a small space. You can opt to install charming banquet seating on one or two sides of your smaller dining table. This will allow you to fit more people along the sides of your table than you can accommodate with regular chairs. Banquet seating offers an additional bonus as a creative storage space for your kitchen appliances, linens, or cookbooks.

Light It Up

Everything looks and feels better in the right light. If you have a small dining area, adding the right lighting can brighten it up and make it feel more spacious. Placing your table and chairs next to a window allows just the right amount of natural lighting to make the space look less cluttered. If you don’t have an available window in your dining area, adding the right lighting is essential to keep the space bright and inviting

Mirror Trickery

One of the easiest ways to add the illusion of space to any room is to utilize mirrors. Adding a decorative mirror over your dining table will help you, and your guests feel like you are in a larger space. You can add mirrored decor or a larger single mirror for this effect. 

Convertible Furniture

Extending dining tables or leaflets can be very useful if you live in a smaller space. Regularly, they conserve space but can accommodate a larger group when the company comes to dinner. Be prepared to accommodate additional guests by keeping a few folding chairs on hand at all times. They can easily be folded and stored in a closet, basement, or garage because they are easy to fold up and stow away.

Modern design has afforded many untraditional dining options. You can have a fold-down table that can be stowed flat against a wall when not in use. Or, opt for a coffee table that folds up to act as a dining surface. 

Round Table

A square dining table will never seat more than four people. To add a bit more space for your additional guests, it’s best to choose a round table. You can fit more guests at a round table with a bit of squeezing. 

If you are struggling with a small dining area, follow these tips to make your space feel more roomy and comfortable.

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