How to Make a Spectacular Stump Floor Lamp

With a piece of tree trunk, you can easily make a wood lamp. Choose a hardwood, such as oak or beech. The tree trunk must have a diameter of 30cm and a flat side.

How to Make a Spectacular Stump Floor Lamp


  • Tree trunk at least 30cm in diameter and 15cm thick
  • Drill
  • Sander
  • Tape
  • Cord with plug and switch if necessary
  • Sandpaper or angle grinder
  • Key 14 or clamp
  • Decorative LED Lamp
  • Threaded rod

Preparation of the tree trunk

You can dig the tree trunk with a chainsaw. Choose a high speed. The hole in the center must be at least 20 cm, so that the LED lamp is correctly positioned in the middle. Sand and smooth the edges as desired.

How to Make a Spectacular Stump Floor Lamp

Preparation of the log for the installation of electrical parts

Choose a location where the light is good in the center. Outside, drill a hole with a 10 mm wood drill bit. With a piece of sandpaper, you can remove the remains of bark and wood chips.

How to Make a Spectacular Stump Floor Lamp

Metal parts installation

Rotating the threaded rod through the tree trunk. Inside, adjust the lamp supports. Outside, measure the thickness of the nut and washer, then immediately stick a piece of tape to mark the cutting place. Cut the threaded rod to length.

Place the washer and the nut. With a size 14 wrench turn the nut. You can also use a clamp.

How to Make a Spectacular Stump Floor Lamp

Fortunately, a video explains all this and if you love wood lamps, have a look here: How to make a lamp with wood logs

Source: Stump Lamp Tutorial

If you do not have time to make this tutorial, you can buy this similar lamp:

How to Make a Spectacular Stump Floor Lamp

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This could also be a good start to make this famous trunk floor lamp:

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