Driftwood Lamp with Black Lampshade

Driftwood Lamp with Black LampshadeDriftwood Lamp with Black LampshadeDriftwood Lamp with Black Lampshade

Inspirations nature and vintage for this lamp in driftwood, chosen for its original shape, sculpted by the sea. Driftwood is wood that has been dragged towards the coast by wind, currents or tides after a more or less long stay in a body of salt water.

Naturally protected by salt, it requires no treatment. Its salt-rich composition and high aesthetic qualities offer a decorative wood that is very durable.

The base is made of steel painted black with special paint for this material. To protect your furniture, a felt is glued to the base.

Very trendy, the electrical cable is left exposed. It is made of black twisted cotton, it is perfectly distinguishable on light-colored and naturally patinated driftwood. It brings chic and elegance with a retro touch.

The wire consists of a switch and a black plug.

The lamp is made of driftwood and is topped with a handmade lampshade shade in France. It is made of chintz, a sturdy cotton fabric from India, after having been abandoned about twenty years ago, it has returned in force in decoration and fashion. Its black and gold color gives the whole a retro, chic and elegant look.
The shade is enhanced with a brass rod that lets the wire through, and an E27 double brass-colored metal ring socket, vintage style.

Placed on a side table, a console, in a living room, a desk, an entrance hall or even on a bedside table in a bedroom, this driftwood table lamp invites you to relax and creates an atmosphere full of softness and zenitude.

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