DIY Bird Cage Lamp

DIY bird cage lampshade to hang on a lamp stand.

Here is the list of the necessary equipment:

  • bare structures for the lamp shade
  • a toasting roll
  • spray paint
  • a large LED bulb
  • birds

DIY Bird Cage Lamp

You will also need some tools:

  • Wire
  • A cutting pliers
  • Gloves
  • Possibly a clamp for holding the wire mesh to the structure

Time: count one afternoon to do everything

Budget: count between 35 and 50 $ (depending on the structure chosen and the size of the bulb)

Step one: Fix the screen to the lampshade using clamps and / or some pieces of wire.

DIY Bird Cage Lamp

Second step: Once the structure is fixed, pass a long wire with a tight squeeze, as if you wanted to “sew” the screen to the shade.

DIY Bird Cage Lamp

Then, cut out the remaining wire and cut the pieces of wire as close as possible.

DIY Bird Cage Lamp


DIY Bird Cage Lamp

Step 3: Paint in 2 times (leave to dry half an hour between the two layers approximately).Copper color here but it is also very nice in silver or old gold.

DIY Bird Cage Lamp

Fourth and final step: fix the lamp on its foot or suspension, placing the bulb, then add the birds on the grid. The other option is to lay them on branches or chopsticks that you can also bend.

DIY Bird Cage Lamp

DIY Bird Cage Lamp

Other bird cage lamps here: Copper Birdcage Pendant Light Chandelier, Make an Amazing Bird Perch Lamp

DIY Bird Cage Lamp
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1 year ago

Hi! Thanks for your wonderful post, I love it! Where did you buy the birds? I am unable to find them in France :(

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