Pendant Lighting

Pendant lightings are under the spotlight. The suspension is essential for the decoration of your interior. Central, it throne suspended in the middle of the room. Practice, it enlightens you for your daily activities or atmosphere, it emits a soft light with or without patterns. Glass, metal, wood or acrylic it will bring to your home the look you want.

Great Huge Pendant from La Machine Toulouse 2 - Pendant Lighting - iD Lights

Great Huge Pendant from La Machine Toulouse

Straight out of the construction workshop based in Nantes, from the smallest which can be held in the palm of your hand to the biggest weighing up to several tonnes, these performance machines have chosen to move into La Halle de La Machine whilst waiting to set off on their travels to provide entertainment across globe. The Bread Catapult, the Blackbird Pendulum, the Wine-Serving Machine or perhaps the Aerial Service with its Pepper Mill, each machine tells a story and entertains through its movement and its identity.

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