Wood Snake DIY LED Desk Lamp

Wood Snake Lamp

Wood Snake DIY LED Desk Lamp

Basement solid wenge wood, carefully sanded, coated with shellac and beeswax. Wenge is very dark in color with a distinctive personality and a pattern of strong wood partridge.

The wood is heavy and hard. This stand comes with a beautiful lighter down the right side band. The tree (Millettia Laurentii family): Wenge is a member of the great tree producing legume family and comes from Zaire and other smaller countries in West Africa

-Cable vintage fabric
-Bulb Exposed incandescent (40W – European standard 220-240 Volts – E27) with full range dimmer
Suitable rubber -Feet any surface
-Each lamp is unique and numbered

Shellac is a natural resin produced by the Coccus lacca ( beetle container), which is harvested from trees in southeast Asia. The insect secretes a resin which dries and cures in a protective envelope called lake. The lake is collected, crushed, washed and dried. After cleaning and heating, it is drawn by thin layers of shellac finished. Non-toxic when dry. Shellac is a food coating approved by USP.

Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive
I use a mixture of beeswax and turpentine oil natural

Dust and polish with a soft woolen cloth or duster own

Connect Reviews: lamp is equipped with CEI 23-16 / VII Europlug.
American standards will require an adapter that I can provide on request.

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