A Wood Rocking Chair with Floor Lamp That Produces Light

A Wood Rocking Chair That Produces Light

A boomtown lost in the depths of the Wild West. The wind blows and raises red earth tornadoes. house shutters close one by one. Everyone joined the nearest shelter. A pistol duel is brewing. In front of the saloon, a grinding noise is heard. An old age without swaying on his rocking chair witnessing the sad spectacle ...

Remember this vision of rocking chair. That of the Far West, Lucky Luke and Dalton Ma. The rocking chair includes a floor lamp, this fantastic chair to which one can give a rocking motion, rocking and relaxing the possible, a second youth and a new image: the "Murakami Chair." With its sleek and ultra-stylish design, this model Murakami finally buries the good old models.

A Wood Rocking Chair That Produces Light

This floor lamprocking chair from Rochus Jacob uses the energy produced by the pendulum swing to power a reading lamp integrated.

With this project, Rochus Jacob intends to take advantage of the energy produced by the human body during our daily activities. Through a miniaturized dynamo system and a storage battery integrated into the structure of the chair, the pendulum will naturally power a lamp consisting of a curved OLED panel shaped lampshade. A simple idea, bright and ecological award-winning addition to the last contest "Designboom green life competition".

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