Massive & Rustic Wooden Beam Chandelier

This reclaimed wood beam chandelier has a beautiful weathered gray patina and comes with two lengths of rusted chain for hanging. The LED lamps provide an abundant amount of light. This light fixture would be a great addition above your counter, dining table, pool table, bar or work area. This is a natural wood product which comes with variation in color, grain, and checking of wood. Photos are of a 48″ three lamp fixture and are representative of variable length fixtures.

Massive and Rustic Wooden Beam ChandelierMassive and Rustic Wooden Beam ChandelierMassive and Rustic Wooden Beam ChandelierMassive and Rustic Wooden Beam Chandelier

Massive Wood Beam Rustic Industrial Chandelier with reclaimed wooden beam light fixture and rusted chains.

  • reclaimed wood beam pendant lighting chandelier with gray/silver patina
  • naturally aged
  • one LED light (15 watts/720 lumens) per 16″ incremental length, perfect lighting for beams
  • hanging light which comes with (2) two 60″ lengths of rusted linked chain
  • power cord included

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    1. LED lamp technology plus the design of the light fixture ensures that heat will not build up in the fixture.

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