Vintage 8MM Projector Industrial Table Lamp

Vintage Keystone Regal 8MM ProjectorVintage Keystone Regal 8MM Projector

Vintage Keystone Regal 8MM ProjectorVintage Keystone Regal 8MM ProjectorOld-fashioned 8MM projector converted into an exclusive industrial table lamp!

Light and set-up light are controlled by the projector’s Master Switch.
“Motor On” turns the set-up light on and “Light On” the main light.
The original projector light bulb has been removed and the motor has been disconnected.
The lamp requires one 60-watt maximum standard bulb or 14 watt CFL bulb (not included).

The Keystone K-109, includes a “Room Lamp Plug” that is a nice feature for connecting your cellphone or tablet charger!
The base has a tray to hold your charger and cable when not in use.
The “Room Lamp Plug” (originally off when the projector was running) has been re-wired and is now always on.

This is a really beautiful piece to decorate your home theater or any room with movie décor.

The “super astonishing lamp” is 32″ tall, 12″ long, and 7″ wide.
Total weight is around 22lbs.

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