Vintage 1948-1953 Polaroid Land Camera Table Lamp

Vintage 1948-1953 Polaroid Land Camera

Vintage 1948-1953 Polaroid Land Camera Re-purposed into a Lamp. Produced: 1948-1953

Lens: 135mm, f/11, 3-element glass.
Shutter: 4 speed ever set rotary-leaf design; 1/8 – 1/60, plus Bulb.
Flash: M-sync via ASA-bayonet post connector.
Exposure set by Light Value scale.
Folding viewfinder, with simple parallax compensation device.
Scale focus, with distance set by accurate lever.
Has two tripod sockets and cable-release socket.
Polished steel body with brown fake-leather covering.

Light Flash is a 4.5 attached piece wired for electric 120v 7w vintage style Edison light bulb .

Approx. Camera Weight: 5 lb

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6 years ago

Thanks for sharing my “loftyideas4u” Camera Light!

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