Tree Trunk Recycled in Coffee Table

Superb combination of a coffee table with a floor lamp. Very design, this lamp and table is made from a hollowed tree trunk in which we installed a light, with a glass plate placed on it. This lamp is not for sale, only for your inspiration. However, here are similar models: Wood Lamps

tree trunk

 Best wood table / Floor lamp we have found! Unfortunately, there is no tutorial or place to buy… So try to make one yourself!

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Lorne Perry
3 years ago

What are the 4 pieces called that support the glass top?? And where can I get them???

5 years ago

where can I buy the wood table floor lamp please

6 years ago

Sorry but this floor lamp is not for sale, only for inspiration :)

6 years ago

How do we make this one?? Thanks :)

Vicki Bentley
7 years ago

Where can I buy the tree trunk led light table ? I absolutely LOVE it!

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