Top ways to illuminate your garden

So, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on creating your dream garden, but can you only enjoy it during daylight hours? Lighting is a hugely important addition to any garden, allowing you to make the most of your outside space well into the balmy summer nights after the sun has gone down. It also provides an important safety feature, illuminating dark corners of your garden to deter criminals and giving you peace of mind that you can make it from your car to your front door without tripping. Here are the top ways to illuminate your garden that will provide visually appealing lighting. 

Step lights

Illuminate steps in your garden by either setting in lights in your staircase or lining the wall with lamps. This is a pretty way of emphasizing a garden staircase and providing a gentle source of light. Perhaps most importantly, however, step lights are a huge safety addition to your garden, as by illuminating steps they reduce the risk of trips and falls. You will be thankful of step lights when taking the trash out on dark winter nights!

Water features

Water features provide a stunning medium for light as the movement and refraction of light under the water creates beautiful patterns that reflect in the water around them, keeping you enthralled for hours. Look for waterproof lighting that is specifically designed to make the best of water features like ponds and pools. For instance, you could go for a simple underwater spotlight placed under a water flow, or use fiber optics set into the base of your pond or pool for a magical look. You could also consider using different colors of lights for different effects. Check out to find out more about the different lighting options for water features. 

Fairy lights

As their name implies, fairy lights give your garden a delicate, magical look. Furthermore, they are usually moderately priced and entirely portable, meaning that if you ever do move house, you can take them with you to your new home. Fairy lights look particularly effective when entwined around a structure, such as fencing or the roof of a garden shed. Alternatively, they look particularly magical when used to dress a tree. There are different styles of fairy lights for you to choose from, for instance, an on-trend multi-colored lightbulb style, or you could keep it classic with white firefly lights.  

Garden lamp post

Give your garden a touch of vintage elegance by installing a garden lamp post in the style of a traditional gas-powered street lamp. Not only will this illuminate your garden once the sun has gone down, it will also provide an interesting design feature. A garden lamp post might look particularly effective in a period property dating from the eras in which this style of street lamp was most common. For instance, a Victorian garden lamp post will perfectly accompany a home that was built in this period. 

Now you’re all set to make your garden a 24-hour feature.

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