Stepping into Retirement Life: Home Improvements to Make Your Life Easier

If you’ve just reached the point where you finally get to leave the workforce behind, chances are you have a few plans that you’re already thinking about. But one thing that should also be on your mind is making sure your home offers you safety and convenience. 

All too often, senior citizens injure themselves in their own homes after retirement. And studies have actually shown that 1 out of 3 people over the age of 65 will have at least one slip and fall a year on average. But there are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of having an accident in your own home.

Everyone’s home should also offer convenience as well. And if you’re retired, unless you plan on traveling the country in an RV, you’re likely going to be spending a great deal of time at home. If so, it’s time to think about improving your home to allow for more convenience and comfort.

Here, we’ll explore a few home improvement ideas to allow greater safety and convenience for your golden years. 

Vacuum Elevators 

If you think having an elevator in your home is something that’s only reserved for those who live in mansions, think again. In fact, residential elevators are much more affordable and popular than you might realize. And these elevators can bring much greater convenience to your life.

At retirement age, a slip and fall down a flight of stairs can be fatal. And at the very least it could also cause significant injuries that will take a long time to recover from. But if you want to stay safe in your own home and not worry about navigating stairs, an elevator can be the perfect solution. 

Not only will a residential elevator give you added safety, it also adds a bit of convenience for anyone else who may visit your home. For example, if you’re sick and in bed upstairs, any friends or family members who may come to check on you will be offered the convenience of being able to use an elevator in your home as well.

Solar Pathway Lighting 

Another way that you can stay safe in your home and on your property is to incorporate adequate lighting around your home. And as pathways or sidewalks leading up to your home can be dark at night, using solar lighting is a great way to illuminate these paths.

For example, if you come home late at night and have to walk up a pathway to your door with stairs, this can cause you to trip and fall if you can’t see. But with solar pathway lighting, you’ll be able to light your path and stay safe as you enter your home.

A few benefits of solar pathway lighting are as follows: 

  • Added security 
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost 
  • No energy cost requirements 
  • Adds to landscaping design 
  • Can be used all around your property if desired 

Solar path lighting is a great choice if you’re environmentally conscientious as well. As this form of lighting requires no additional energy costs as long as ample sunlight is received during the day. 

Open Floor Plans 

One aspect of older homes is that they typically have crowded designs, meaning that there are many more walls incorporated than in modern homes. And navigating around corners and walls can also cause accidents with people over the age of 65.

When we age, our sight deteriorates as well as our agility. And though you may have once been a gymnast, by the time you reach retirement age, you may not have that spring in your step that allowed you to maneuver around obstacles as easily as you did in your youth. 

Open floor plans are great for seniors because this opens your space up allowing for a greater freedom of movement. And it also allows for a more open and airy vibe as well. 

If you have an older home, you may want to talk to a contractor about implementing an open floor plan so that you can have more room to move around inside your home. After all, being retired you’re going to want to be comfortable. And an open floor plan could be the perfect solution. 

Planning for retirement isn’t something that most people think about until the day finally arrives. But if you want to offer yourself greater comfort and convenience, planning to make your home more comfortable before you retire should definitely be on your priority list.

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