Steampunk Table Lamp ONE OF A Kind

Steampunk Lamp ONE OF A Kind

Steampunk Lamp ONE OF A Kind-1

This is a one-of-a-kind Steampunk Lamp such as a Mad Scientist might have on his workbench. This is a STUNNING rustic vintage lamp! There are two bulbs controlled by a Dimmer Knob, so you can get ambient lighting on a shelf or a bright bedside reading lamp. On the top of the box, you will find the bulbs, a red light, a vintage functional AC Volts Meter, power switch, and dimmer. The box is an antique dovetailed phone, the type that had the 2 bells at the top and the black side receiver. This lamp could NEVER be made again as all pieces are hand picked and we will not ever find the same pieces again. Bulbs are 40 watts and easily replaceable at MOST hardware stores. Thanks for looking! (boxes do open, but should not be tampered with as that is where the wiring is!)

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