Some Creative Uses for Bed Sheets for When They Become Too Old to Use

What do you do when your beloved old bedsheets start to show signs of serious wear and tear? Perhaps they have become faded, or they may have developed some holes or maybe they just don’t feel soft any more like they used to. Well rather than throw them out maybe you could try to give them a second lease of life. In fact, there are lots of creative and practical ways of re-purposing old bedsheets so that you don’t have to throw them away.

Probably the simplest way to give your old queen bed sheets a new purpose would be to turn them into cleaning rags. Bedsheets are normally made from soft absorbent material which can be perfect for dusting around the house, wiping down surfaces or other general household cleaning chores. Actually converting your bedsheets into cleaning rags couldn’t be easier. You can simply tear them into small pieces and you’ve immediately got a pile of recycled cloth ready for work around the house. So you can save money by not having to buy cleaning rags and do a little bit for the environment at the same time.

If you think you are more creative with needlework you could transform your old bedsheets into personalised shopping bags. Bedsheets are normally made from sturdy fabric which could be turned into bags that could carry the weight of groceries. You can even customise the bags into any shape or size that you like. In fact you could make this into quite a fun project especially if you’re keen on needlework or handcrafts. In this way you will give yourself unique handcrafted shopping bags that are also recycled from material which may have otherwise simply been discarded.

If you’re a keen gardener you can even put your discarded bedsheets to use in the garden. They can be employed to cover plants and protect them from extremes of weather. For example, they can be utilised in a frame which provides shade from the summer sun when it is too hot or to protect delicate plants from frost during the winter months. You can also use old bedsheets as a kind of mulch on your garden beds to help suppress weeds and also to prevent moisture from evaporating. There are lots of creative uses for old bedsheets in your garden.

You can also recycle your old bedsheets and use them for creative purposes around the house. You can dye them and cut them into all manner of different sizes. So these old sheets can be transformed into curtains and cushion covers or contribute to your patchwork quilt projects. In fact, the fabric can be quite versatile and you are probably only limited by your imagination when it comes to recycling it. These kinds of projects also let you add a personal touch when decorating your home or maybe even a caravan. You also have the option of involving your children in personal recycling projects.

So as you can see there are many possibilities for recycling old bedsheets whether it be around the house or even in the garden. The next time you need to replace your bedsheets think carefully before throwing them out and give yourself a creative project to recycle them.

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