Solid Black Walnut Pair of Accent Lamps

Solid Black Walnut Pair of Accent LampsSolid Black Walnut Pair of Accent LampsSolid Black Walnut Pair of Accent Lamps

This charming accent lamp creates the perfect touch of ambiance in any situation. A unique fusion of oriental & contemporary design, this accent lamp is sure to add visual interest & warmth to any living space. Great as a night light, this lamp is designed to be functional as well as appealing. The front is both triangular & curved, using traditional techniques & joinery.

Each front piece is inset for maximum durability & beauty. The top is removable for convenient bulb replacement, though the energy efficient LED bulb will last for many years.

This lamp is also available in many other wood species & combinations. Also available as a ‘matching’ pair, keeping in mind that two lamps out of the same wood will have natural variations, which should be considered the character of craftsmanship, and not a defect in any way.

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