Solar Fairy Lantern Mason Jar

Solar Fairy Lantern Mason Jar 1 - Outdoor Lighting - iD Lights
These jars are created to look stunning hanging in your garden or along a pathway. When the sun hits them, they light up like sparkling jewels with radiant iridescence. At night, they glow just as beautifully, and with a full charge will hold their glow all night long.

They are charged with direct sunlight, and the more sun they get during the day, the brighter they light up at night. The unique element of my solar jars is that they are equally as beautiful during the day as they are at night. During the day, they are beautiful fairy jars which sparkle in the sun rather than just an empty hanging jar.

~There is no on and off switch, so once you remove the tab, just place it in the sun and enjoy it 24 hours a day,
~The jar will begin to illuminate as the sun sets, and will to continue to stay lit until sunrise at which time they will turn themselves off and begin to store energy for the next night. The more direct sunlight they get, the brighter and longer they will glow. A southern exposure is best.
~If your children are anything like mine, they may want to bring them indoors at night to use as a special night light. Just remember to put them back outside to recharge in the morning.

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