Smart Herb Garden Kitchen Table Lamp




Click and Grow’s team announced their second generation Smart Herb Garden for indoor cultivation …. The new Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden let everyone grow fresh herbs at home with extremely limited maintenance.The Smart Herb Garden is easy to use and no gardening knowledge is required, just add water, plug into an electrical outlet and the technology does all the work.

The nano-tech growth medium combined with a removable LED grow light helps yield plants even in less-than-perfect conditions. The Smart Herb Garden’s unique LED technology provides the plants with enough light to grow, consuming minimal electricity, costing around 6 dollars for an entire year.

Unlike its first incarnation, which only allowed room for one plant, the new model lets you raise up to 3 herbs at once ( Each starter kit comes with basil, thyme and lemon balm. ). Seeds come included and embedded in a cartridge, ready to be inserted into the growing bed.  The design now also features a built-in light that can be plugged in to let artificial sunshine whenever it is needed.

How often do you need to fill the water reservoir?

You’d need to fill the water tank once every 3-6 weeks, and an electronic indicator mechanism will remind you of that.

Who is this product for :

  1. People who don’t have a garden, but want to grow some plants.
  2. People that travel a lot and don’t have time to take care of their plants.
  3. People that have killed a plant or two in the past by not watering them.

People that are geeky enough to want a hi-tech flowerpot.

Measurement and Specs

  • Dimensions: 11.8” length x 4.7” width x 11.4” max height
  • Weight: Approximately 850g
  • Light: Built-in light contains 2 LEDs, 3W each.
  • Electricity:  US AC wall adaptor

Finally if you think that The new Smart Herb Garden is a product that you’ll want in your own home you can order it from  the Click and Grow website for 100$.

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