Small changes to level up your home

Is your home perfect the way it is? While learning to be content with our circumstances is key to a more positive outlook on life, there are always things that we can try to improve to make our lives a little bit better. It is no different with our homes.

Whether bought your own house or rented an apartment like the Vivian Apartments Englewood NJ, where you live is a perfect avenue for expressing your personality or your family’s personality to others. When you are going through your regular daily routine, you probably notice things about your house that you would change if given the chance. 

Whether you want to create a space that your family will love or design an atmosphere to wow guests when they come into your environment, the following small changes will level up your home’s aesthetics.

Repainting trim or baseboard

This kind of change can be made for a very low cost but will make a big difference to the look of your interiors. Changing the color of the baseboard or trim around your rooms, windows, and doors will have a dramatic impact on the space. If your baseboard is a wood color, painting it white can brighten up the room and create a contrast depending on the color of your walls and floors. Or going the opposite way from a lighter color to a natural wood look can make the space feel more in touch with nature. This small change is very simple but packs a big punch.

Add a unique feature to living spaces

In gathering spaces like the dining room, family room, or even kitchen, having a unique feature that draws the eye can enhance the interior design of your home. This could be anything from rustic antler chandeliers with an outdoorsy feel to hidden features like a slide-out desk. These design choices give you something to wow guests and an element to be proud of when encountering them every day. Adding a unique feature in these spaces that you can center the rest of the room around also gives you a focused theme to blend the room with that element. You could also choose to design the room to make this item stand out instead. The choice is up to you.

Light the pathway to your home

The first thing that people see when they visit your home is the exterior. The path they take to approach your home is often alongside or through gardens that welcome them to the front entrance. You can spruce up this pathway with unique lighting solutions to brighten their experience as they come into your home. You could string some hanging lights along the path or back and forth across it, which is an especially powerful enhancement when paired with a beautiful garden. Another idea is to use solar lights on the ground along the path, which are a sustainable and delightful way to light up the entrance. Plus, many of them turn on automatically when the daylight gets low, so you don’t even have to remember to turn them on at night. Brightening up the path to your home can be done inexpensively but to great effect.

Consider wall-mounted storage

Running out of room can be a limiting factor in achieving the interior look that you are striving for. Learning how to make the most of a small amount of space will give you more freedom for leveling up your home. For example, wall-mounted storage can go a long way toward creating more space in your rooms. You can install shelves, hooks, or even a pegboard to store anything you can imagine on the wall as opposed to somewhere on the floor or other surface. A couple of shelves can replace a bookshelf, or some hooks can clear up counter space in your kitchen. These installations will not only address the need for storing or placing items more efficiently, but they can also help fill a blank wall that you don’t know how to decorate. Wall-mounted storage will let you use space more efficiently and give you the freedom to make the interior choices that you want in terms of furniture and another decor.

Little changes can go a long way

If you are serious about leveling up your home, but you don’t have the budget to make big, expensive renovations, then you will have to think small. A new trim color throughout the home, a unique feature here, some wall shelves there, or a brightly lit pathway are small and relatively inexpensive choices that you can make that will have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the space. Just because these changes seem little does not mean that they will not completely alter how you experience your home. Consider what updates will have the greatest effect and then get started on creating the atmosphere you desire.    

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