Rhizome: CNC 3D Plywood DIY LED Desk Lamp


CNC 3D Plywood Lamp

CNC 3D Plywood Lamp

CNC 3D plywood DIY LED Lamp inspired by dinosaur kits by Pedro Mealha, rhizome is an exercise in re-evaluating the role of the task lamp. Through his design, mealha has explored mechanical movement, elastic tension and the potential of certain materials using CNC/laser technology. The project emerged from his interest in wooden dinosaur kits and the way in which the various components are pieced together to gain a three-dimensional shape from a flat wooden panel. Made from two A3 aeroply boards, rhizome uses an LED ring as a source of light. The lamp was initially intended to be for self-assembly for DIY enthusiasts, however, the project has now evolved into a ready assembled product made from 3mm bamboo ply and is fully extendible and can rotate.

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