Retro Desk Lamp Edison Iluminante

Book-shaped chandelier “Iluminante”, will look harmonically in any interior, in any premises – in an apartment, in office, café, bar. It can stand on the shelf, on the table, on the nightstand or tea table, in the bedroom, in the sitting room, in the kitchen, children’s bedroom, on the porch or at bar stand.

Soft adjustable light, combined with vintage looking spiral Edison’s lamp, will compliment premises with additional cosines, mood, and correct atmosphere.

Iluminante by Copper Cat Art Group

Iluminante by Copper Cat Art Group

Iluminante by Copper Cat Art Group

Its well known, that: 1) Book – source of Knowledge 2) Knowledge is Light Thus, the Book is Source of Light!
Pilot chandelier of the project “Iluminante” is a compact device, equipped with stylish “Edison’s lamp” and gradual switch of the level of glow (voltage dimmer)from 0 to 40 vatt. Device uses 220 volt electrical power source.
And as yet another zest in the “Iluminante” pie, for you will serve a two-line hand-woven power cord. Thoroughly assembled and tidily incorporated in the lower surface of the device, he adds a magical touch to the emotionally-aesthetical image of the chandelier-book.
Out of pile of old books was born a project “Iluminante” - in its framework we are planning to create various useful and unusual items for interior, which will be dedicated to the bouquiniste topic.

Once we saved from the recycling bin a pile of old books. Once needed and read, they were disposed of and on the way to recycling. After some discussion, we – creative team of the “Copper Cat Art Group”, decided to give a “second life” to the books. We wanted to make them necessary and useful once again, although in a somewhat different way….

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