Red Star Design Award 2013

Red Star Design Award 2013

product: WUXI tiandiguangdian double light LED bulb
manufacturer: wuxi tiandiguangdian epc management LTD.
designer: shanghai moma industrial product design Co.,LTD.

the world of lighting is in the middle of revolution, with the support of LED lighting technology, the launch angle of light is the key element, this product sets up a good example. the shape is one of the traditional bulb, but the technology is the new one. the main innovation is that the traditional LED light bulbs do not light up 360°, whereas this bulb does. this product abandoned the traditional radiator parts to make the light bulb smaller which is a great improvement. in this way, it can be adopted even to traditional and old lighting fixtures, thus reducing the need to change the lighting fixture itself which is a perfect retrofit for traditional bulbs. besides, new technology also greatly reduces the waste of thermal energy, and increases the energy usage rate.

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