Outdoor Solar Mason Jar Lanterns

Outdoor Solar Mason Jar Lanterns 1 - Outdoor Lighting - iD Lights
2 Mason Jar Garden Stakes™ with 2 Mason Jar Solar Light Jars, for Outdoor Lighting. An Original Handmade Design by treasureagain

2 Blue Quart Mason Jars
2 silver Twist-on Solar Lids
2 Garden Stakes- rustic handmade 30″garden stakes


I invented this Mason Jar Garden Stake design by using metal pieces that my dad salvaged from an old windmill. I like to have elevated pieces in my garden, whether they be in large planters or among the flowers. We get strong winds in Iowa, so I designed these garden stakes to hold my Solar Light Jars secure. I’ve tested it in my own garden and it’s held up well!

I was telling my brother that I would be disappointed when my Dad’s salvaged windmill metal would be gone. He brought me MORE metal!! It’s not salvaged but yet, the garden stake is still handmade with my design.

The solar jar can be easily lifted out of the metal stake and used separately. This is the Original Mason Jar Solar Light that I invented and have sold her since spring 2010. They are water tolerant and designed to be left outside.

The Solar Lid can be twisted off & jar used for candles or flowers (examples in last 2 photos).
The garden stake could be used as a Lawn Drink Holder also. Stick it into the ground next to your lawn chair and have an elevated place to hold your drink.

Sold by treasureagain on Etsy
Price: 76.00 USD

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