Orchid Blooms Extra Large Candle Holder

Orchid Blooms Extra Large Candle Holder 1 - Outdoor Lighting - iD Lights
Have you ever noticed when you look at an Orchid, it looks as though it’s looking back at you? They have a symmetry that is similar to human faces and this likely explains why people have such an affinity for them. With our e-Kandle Kuff(TM) Orchid motif, we don’t think you’ll have to worry about whether the images are watching you or not. They simply look elegant and pretty as they grace the light weight acrylic cylinders and rice paper on which they are mounted.

If you find yourself searching for a durable table centerpiece, give this size and design your consideration.

Sold by LeafMotif on Etsy
Price: 55.00 USD

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