Nest Veneer Wood Light Fixture

This Nest Veneer wood light fixture is created by hand entwining the pieces of veneer and creating a breezy structure inspired by Scandinavian design which represents minimalist and clean aesthetics from nature. these fixtures will suit anyone who loves both modern or retro design.

Nest Veneer Wood Light Fixture - wood-lamps, pendant-lighting

✦ This unique light fixture was made from maple veneer – Veneer is a natural material which makes each lamp one of a kind product. None of the lamps are identical and each one of them looks a little different than the other. veneer has a beautiful and distinctive pattern with it’s a natural grain of the wood.

✦ This fixture will lighten up any space – your Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room or even your stylish Office.

Handmade by Shimon where he assembles the fixture with his very own hands.

✦ The veneer was excess material from a plant and was going to be thrown out and instead of becoming nonfunctional and harming the environment I turned it into this gorgeous Fixture! Both Eco-friendly and Stylish.

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