Mid Century Modern Gold Brass Sputnik Chandelier

Mid Century Modern Gold Brass Sputnik Chandelier 1 - Chandeliers - iD Lights
Mid Century Modern Handcrafted Brass Spurchin Chandelier Sputnik Ceiling Lamp Light 32 ” diam

Beautiful vintage inspired 18 bulbs polished brass chandelier adorned with high-quality arms and spines radiating from a central stem of light, is one of our high-end designs and would make a fabulous focal point.

We created this ‘marriage’ between a sputnik and urchin light designs for even more impact!
These lights cast a uniquely gorgeous filtered light within a room creating a wonderful ambiance.

Seen here in the polished brass finish. These light fixtures come in a selection of finishes including antique patina, polished brass, brushed brass, raw brass as well as black (antique black or blackened brass) and chrome (polished or brushed).

Sold by InscapesDesign on Etsy
Price: 545.00 USD

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