Light Bulb Aquarium Night Light Table Lamp

Magenta Setting
White Setting
Red Setting
Indigo Setting
Orange Setting

This is a night light and aquarium that is built from a light bulb bought at Goodwill. The bulb is filled with water and aqua plants and a light shines on it from below. The light is a RGB (red, green, blue) led. The led is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. The microcontroller has a Bluetooth module so the microcontroller can be controlled from an iPhone.

The light has two types of settings, static and fade. From the phone, you can choose any color you want the light to be or you can chose between five different fade sequences, each sequence has three speeds of fade. The box is made from Sapele, which is a type of hardwood from Africa that resembles mahogany. The video below shows the entire build of the lamp…. More info

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