How to Light Up Your Home

Your home is somewhere you can relax and enjoy downtime away from the hustle and bustle of work and the outside world; however, the atmosphere of your home is heavily dependent on your choice of lighting. Older properties tend to be built with a lack of windows, causing rooms to appear dull, lifeless, and cold, but the good news is that it’s extremely easy to make a few small amendments to breathe new life into your humble abode for a lighter and brighter feel. In this guide, you can learn several ways you can instantly light up your home.

Install a sliding glass door

If you have a large wall to the rear of your property, you could consider installing a sliding glass door to brighten up your space. This is a clever tool to blend the indoors with the outdoors and give your living space a much more welcoming feel. One of the benefits of sliding glass doors is that they are often incorporated with an automatic sensor, so your pets can enter and exit freely when they need to ‘do their business’ or exercise at their leisure. The benefits of an automatic dog door means you never have to worry about accidents in the house and allows plenty of natural light to flood through. 

Think about the ambiance 

While you may have ideas in mind regarding the type of lighting you’d prefer for your home, you also need to consider the ambiance you’re hoping to achieve in each room. The type of lightbulb you opt for is equally as important as the fixture, as it helps to achieve a specific glow. You can opt for halogen, fluorescent, or LED bulbs which are available in either a warm or cool tone to achieve your desired mood. Warm tones are perfect for creating a cozy vibe come evening time, while cooler lighting is ideal for everyday practicalities. 

Make lighting a focal point

While lighting tends to be a practical aspect within your home, you could also make it part of your interior décor by allowing it to become a focal point of the room. You can change up the sizes of your lighting types – whether it be a chandelier, wall light, or floor lamp and consider what would be most suitable for the room type and size. Lighting should never dominate a room, so it’s all about selecting the most appropriate scale fixture. By choosing a unique lighting option, it will instantly draw the eye and become a talking point of your décor. 

Light up your stairs

If you’re soon to be renovating your home or building a property from scratch, one of the latest design trends to be aware of is stair lighting. This works best for minimalist staircases to add an eye-catching feature. Another benefit is that stairs can be dangerous to navigate at night. Therefore, lighting can make them much more accessible – especially if there are young or elderly living with you.

If you want to light up your home more, use the above tips. 

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