How To Choose The Right Lighting For Artwork To Create A Welcoming Interior

To make the home interior look beautiful hanging wall art is not enough. You need to focus on the lighting of the wall art to showcase your collection and to create an impressive space.

The right lighting for artwork can make all the difference when it comes to displaying it. No matter if you love abstract paintings or fine wall art, proper lighting can increase the beauty of every art piece in your home.

So, take help from the following artwork lighting tips to create a welcoming interior.

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Know the Balance of Light in the Room

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Every room in your home has a provision for hanging artwork. But, keep in mind that the wall art should be enough so that its color and textures are visible properly.

If your room is dark, choose a light-colored wall art and add a ceiling-mounted light above it. Great lighting enhances the natural beauty of a stunning wall art piece and adds charm to your space as well.

In a room with natural light and light shades, consider buying a dark or bright colored art piece. Further, choose warm lights to highlight the artwork in spacious and open rooms.

Choose the Color of Artwork Light

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When you want to pick a picture light for your artwork, there are two approaches to this. First, choose a light color that matches the frame of the wall art. Trending wall art frame colors are gold, white, brass, silver, and black.

The second way is to choose the picture light that would complement the color scheme of the room where you hang the art piece. Whether a wall art looks stunning or not in a room, it all depends upon the colors of the room as well as wall art.

Understand the Importance of Size

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When choosing lights for wall art, the size and dimensions of artwork, well as the picture lights, are crucial. The golden rule to pick an art light is to compare it with the size of the art piece including the frame.

Try to choose the art light that is between sixty to eighty percent of the image. When selecting the size of picture light, consider if you would like the bright artwork or mildly illuminated art piece.

You may opt for an electronic art dimmer for adjusting the art brightness any time you want. Also, there are various types of picture lights available in the market, including bright and dim lights.

Select Picture Lights According To Style

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Wall art comes in various styles including, vintage, rustic, fine art, oil paintings, minimalist, and more. And, every art style has its unique lighting needs. Therefore, it is very important to choose the lights for wall art according to the art style.

For example, oil paintings need special lights which can reflect the shades of art in the best possible way. In this case, broad-based LED lights are the best option. You can hang the light in the center of oil paintings or adjust it at any angle.

If your art piece style is rustic, then hanging pendant lights to both sides of the artwork will look great. So, you need to pick the art lights according to style.

Consider The Frame and Artwork’s Surface

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With proper lighting, reflections can be mitigated. If you choose a framed wall art that has glass on it, you need to choose lights that can create reflections of art colors.

In this case, using track lights above the wall art on the wall is a great idea. Also, you can install lights at some angle for better reflection and view of the artwork.

Make sure the lights you choose cause no shadow of the wall painting as it will not look good. You can either opt for track lights, lamp lights, or ceiling lights to highlight the wall art in your room.

What Are the Types of Lightings for Wall Art?

There are many lighting options available in the market for enhancing wall art. Let’s take a look at some of those lighting options!

  • Ceiling-Mounted Accent Lights: These types of lights work best in every room be it a bedroom, living area or kitchen. You need to place these lights in such a way so that the light beam can hit the center of the artwork at an angle. Ceiling-mounted lights will not only brighten the room but will also highlight the artwork on the wall.
  • Track Lights: These days the track light system is in trend. It especially looks good in rustic and industrial-style home interiors. Also, you can use track lights if minimalism is your style. These lights are equipped with the right lamps and can increase the beauty of any wall art in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Picture lights: Picture lights or modern picture lighting refers to the lights that you can mount on the frame of the artwork or on the ceiling. It puts the light source really close to wall art and increases the charm of the art piece.
  • Pendant Lights: pendant lights suit every interior style, be it Scandinavian, contemporary or industrial. Also, when you hang a wall on the wall of the living room, you can install pendant lights near it to increase its grace. These lights are also best to install in the kitchen and bedroom.

Note: If you are looking for an eco-friendly solution for artwork lighting, consider using LED as these lights help you save energy and money as well. The best part is that in all the above mentioned light types, you will get LED lighting options.

Final Words

Art pieces add a unique charm and grace to your home. But, you can further increase the beauty of the wall art and room by choosing the best artwork lightings. Pick the lights that suit your budget and artwork style.

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