Hollow Log Bedside Lamp

I love working with natural materials when possible, and it doesn't get much more natural than this!.... This is an actual 'slice' of a real wooden log, carefully hollowed out the center by hand to make it possible to install these LEDs and make it into a very unusual and eye-catching but practical light.

This is quite a small little lamp but that doesn't mean it doesn't give off much light!... the LEDs used are very bright, there is a continuous loop of them embedded deep into the wood so they are almost invisible when you look through the wood! This really does just look like a piece of hollow wood until it lights up! Being made from a log it can be perfect for a rustic and natural style, but it can also work great with any modern and minimalist styled room....

Hollow Log Bedside Lamp

Hollow Log Bedside Lamp

Hollow Log Bedside Lamp

Hollow Log Bedside Lamp

Hollow Log Bedside Lamp

The light is completely ready-to-go with all LEDs ready installed, an in-line on/off switch, and a plug in power supply (a bit like a phone charger plug). The wood has been finished with a light coat of lacquer to give it a subtle shine and protection. The overall size of this particular piece is about 125mm wide, 100mm high and about 50mm thick/deep. but being completely natural each log/light can vary slightly!!

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