Glow Levitating Lamp

When a lamp is no longer just a lamp. Watch Glow spin as it floats in mid air and it’ll beautifully set the mood in your place. We believe to have created a product that go beyond the norm of interior decoration.

Glow Levitating Lamp
Glow Levitating Lamp
Glow Levitating Lamp

What makes Glow unique:

  • Glow is a levitating, rotating crystal that expels a beautiful warm calming light
  • The synthetic material of which the crystal is made from illuminates the lamp, hence, creating a ‘glow’.
  • The strength of the light is interchangeable with a tap switch:
    • Mode 1 – Full lighting – a warm colored task light (400 lumens)
    • Mode 2 – Soft Glow – mood light
  • The lights are diode emitting low energy lights, meaning they are able to be powered by lithium batteries whilst releasing a bright light source, allowing the
  • product to be functional as a task light.
  • After a full charge, the crystal can last up to a maximum of 80 hours depending on the modes of usage
  • Grab the crystal and it becomes a wireless lamp
  • The Glow Crystal is fitted with a high strength neodymium magnet, allowing it to be easily attached to any metallic surface

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