Global Warming Floor Lamp


A harsh reality of the 21st century is the ever more apparent fact that man’s presence on our planet has an increasingly bad effect on the environment. Every day we are faced with message of pollution, mass extinction of animals, deforestation, rising of sea levels and the depletion of our natural resources.

Studio Mango product designers face the fact that we have to create new products to survive and try to make these items as environmentally friendly and long lasting as possible but still there is this small voice in the back of your head which keeps on repeating that you could do so much more. Even though one single human cannot change all the events taking place, there are so much things which you can contribute to on a smaller scale from recycling of waste till washing your clothes in cold water.

As a vivid reminder of the fact that still it is not too late but that we have to work really hard to prevent a global meltdown of planet earth they designed the Global Warming Floor Lamp. A conversation piece of environmental awareness from Studio Mango.

PS: No animals, humans or environmental resources were harmed in the design process of the lamp.

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