Geometric Lamp Chandelier Lamp

Geometric Lamp Chandelier Lamp - pendant-lighting
Geometric Industrial Lamp is totally handmade.

Glass lamp is perfect for any modern and loft interior thanks to its compact geometrical shape. It could be a great present for any event as well as it would bring individuality to any wedding table.

Pendant lamp has one open panel for easy access. Electrical components are included, bulb not included. Also each florarium/ terrarium from our shop we can turn into a hanging lamp.

• Height ~ 26 cm / 10.4 inch
• Diameter ~ 31 cm / 12.0 inch

• 2 mm float Glass
• Copper Foil
• We use only lead-free solder, so it is safe for you, your children and your plants
• Copper Patina or Black Patina
• Wax

Sold by Etsy
Price: 155.00 USD

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