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Folding Design Table Lamp by Michael Jantzen

The creator Michael Jantzen created the design and folding lamp Folding Light. The small sculpture is susceptible to movements. One can interact and modify the light by movement with the hand. In this way each one is in interaction with the object and creates his personal experience. At first sight, it has nothing extraordinary: a simple white cube.

In fact, the four angles of this luminous sculpture make it possible to fold it on itself. By doing this, we see the interior architecture of this design object. The lamp works with an energy-saving bulb with six yellow boards reflecting it at the same time. The boards combined with the soft light diffuser demonstrate the nature of the light by making it dance, reflect and refract with its entourage. In a way, these interactions become a game. The light scattering level depends on the inclination of the boards and their position, open or closed, as well as their direction. When all the parts are "unfolded", the light is as strong as possible.

The work of Michael Jantzen is very well known in the world of design. It has been exhibited in many galleries and featured in numerous magazines and documentary films. His works have been exhibited in the Canadian Center of Architecture, the Harvard School of Design and Architecture, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Michael Jantzen shares his view of things: "I want to reinvent the environment already built in order to extend the perimeter of consciousness". More info