The Bit Modular Pendant Lighting

The Bit Modular Light

The Bit Modular Light

The Bit Modular Light

The Bit Modular Light

The BIT Light™ is a new modular lighting system that provides an alternative means of adjusting the illumination level found with most lighting fixtures. Unlike traditional fixtures, the BIT Light consists of a collection of self-supporting illuminating modules (BITs) which can be simply added or removed by the end-user to increase or decrease the fixture’s brightness, without requiring technical skills or the help of specialists.

Each BIT generates 460 lumens of omni-directional lighting and can be dimmed with a conventional dimmer switch.

Each additonal BIT incrementally increases the illumination level.

Because the BIT is an integrated bulb without external wires, it is easy for anyone to manipulate. The low power LED is safe and cool to touch, while the polycarbonate shell is impact resistant, and recyclable.

The power comes from either a ceiling/wall mounted terminal that supplies low voltage power via the connector or an internal battery.  The terminal power connector is identical to the intermediate connector and energizes the connected BIT.  The open end of the energized BIT becomes the power source for the next connected device.

As BITs are joined by the magnetic connectors, they are connected electrically and structurally. The integrated modular design eliminates wires and is easy for anyone to adjust.

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