Best LED Bedside Lamps

To create a cocoon, design or rustic-chic atmosphere, the bedside lamp is an indispensable element for the decoration of a room. makes you discover its selection of bedside lamps essential!

Best LED Bedside Lamps 2017

In the bedroom, the bedside lamp is the essential fixture. Much more pleasant than a ceiling lamp or a lamppost, a bedside lamp diffuses a subdued light in the room, ideal for relaxing in the evening and to begin its day in a gentle wake-up. But it is not always easy to choose the bedside lamp adapted to the style and decoration of its room, it is necessary to take care of the intensity of the bulb, the shape of the shade and the base of the lamp. All these elements may seem secondary but are essential to creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere on a daily basis.

Where to place the bedside lamp?

The use of the bedside lamp is rather traditional, but it is true that finding a small lamp to place on the edge of his bed has something reassuring. In our frantic rhythms, going home in the evening to find the caulked atmosphere of a well-appointed room invites us to relax, to enjoy a good book or a film. Bedside lamps are therefore our first deco ally to create the soothing atmosphere you are looking for in a room. The bedside lamp, usually smaller than a traditional table lamp, can easily be placed on a bedside table, but it is also possible to imagine a more original arrangement. Placed on a stack of books or magazines, above the bed rather than at the side, on the floor, on the edge of a window or suspended, the bedside lamp is essential but is declined and adapted according to your desires.

Which lamp to use?

The bedside lamp in metal, matt or glossy, remains timeless of the furnishing of the room. With its arm articulated as a desk lamp, its industrial look will adapt to all styles. But the low bed lamps, on a fixed support, are also very functional and pleasant. Their light, although not dirigible, is closer to the bedside table and less raw as can sometimes be that of a higher lamp. But the bedside lamp is not limited to the metal lamp, other shapes have inspired designers who see the lights as a source of inspiration.

For an efficient bedside or extra light, we have selected a range of table lamps for your room. They will find their place on your bedside table, your desk or your chest of drawers, to bring a light favorable to moments of relaxation. They will sublimate the decoration of your room: contemporary, design or loft.

We have selected a range of touch lamps. With its light intensity levels choose a touch-sensitive bedside lamp is ideal for insomniacs! A bedside lamp is a key element of the decoration of a room. The bedside lamp serves not only for your reading comfort, but also to give the ambiance of the room.

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Best LED Bedside Lamps 2017

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