Ball Perfect Mason Pendant Lighting

The Ball Perfect Mason Pendant is made of an authentic blue Ball Mason Jar enveloped in a great industrial style lamp cage making. It is a beautiful mix of both early Americana and Industrial styles. Assembled and built by hand in Kentucky, the Mason jars have been re-purposed and up-cycled into beautiful, essential pieces of glass that can be enjoyed again and again. Just hang, plug into an outlet, and enjoy!

Ball Perfect Mason PendantBall Perfect Mason Pendant-1

This fixture is not intended for outdoor use, although your covered porch is okay. The lamp cage can be removed just in case you would like to replace the Ball Mason jar with something else. Though we can’t imagine why you’d want to.


6 thoughts on “Ball Perfect Mason Pendant Lighting”

  1. Where can we buy this mason jar pendant light – i cant seem to find it, can you please leave a direct link? Thank you

    1. I had checked- i tried the link that’s there and it just takes you to their general website- i could not find these lights specifically, please help

    2. I’ve made a few of these lights for house warming gifts and a set for myself. Everyone comments on the originality and beauty of them, I should make some for the local antique shop to see of they would sell them for me.

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