Amazing Burnt Wood Table Lamp

Amazing Burnt Wood Table Lamp - table-lamps
Well, this is a bit different- even by my standards! I have used the ‘burning’ technique on wood before to add a great effect, but never quite like this…

Amazing Burnt Wood Table Lamp - table-lamps

Rather than burn the wood all over as i normally would to add age, colour, and character, i have really concentrated the burning on all of the edges of the wood- especially top and bottom, this makes the effect even more unusual, this combined with the strange uneven design and build of the light creates a very unusual and almost weird but totally unique light!

Amazing Burnt Wood Table Lamp - table-lamps

You can call it rustic, modern, creepy, bold….. whatever it is- it’s the only one in the entire world!

The whole light is made entirely from nothing but solid french ‘Sapin’ wood, the top shade section is removable, it sits on top of a brand new E27 (standard screw-in) lamp holder, it is complete with a good meter or so of cable, and a fitted in line on/off switch, all you need is a plug top to suit your country as I only have the French/EU type.

I have left the wood completely untreated as it is already quite effective, if you would like it finished or waxed or something it’s no problem- just ask!

The overall size is approx 210mm wide (the shade/top part) & 430mm high.


Please remember, this is totally handmade!!!- if you are looking for perfect right-angles and mm perfect measurements then you may be disappointed.
I am a human, not a machine!! ;-)

Sold by Uniquelightingco on Etsy
Price: 129.00 EUR

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