70’s Tripod Antique Floor Lamp with Camera Dimmer

The tripod stand can be adjusted to stand low and high
This lamp can either be a bright floor lamp, or an ambient table light also
The camera lens is hiding a built in dimmer.
Turning the camera lens is intuitive, and is sure to draw attention.
The incandescent bulb is a must for this setup, and completes the objects from the Soviet era nicely

A vintage tripod and an antique soviet camera, converted into a beautiful antique floor lamp. The lens of the camera works as dimmer – turning left to right, the brightness of the bulb can easily be adjusted.

The height is adjustable between 50 and 130cm, and the 12cm Edison bulb can be replaced with any incandescent type light bulb. The floor lamp comes with a 1.3m long twisted textile cable (UK, AU, US and EU plugs can be selected.)

Almost all components are at least 40 years old – the camera body and the tripod are from the 1960’s, the cable and dimmer switch from the 70’s, and even the plug is an original bakelite part from the Soviet era.

They assemble their antique floor lamps by hand (obviously), and like to attend to small details. We like what we do, and we have fund creating new from old. Our team specializes in re-furbishing and modifying objects of attraction, to re-purpose them into useful things. Vintage camera bodies are magnificent to look at on their own already, we just help them to transition back into our daily life. We believe it would be a shame to let these cameras become a thing of the past….

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