7 Tips To Choose The Best High Bay LED Lights

High bay lights are generally used for lighting spaces with high ceilings and other commercial spaces like warehouses and retail stores. Nowadays, high bay LED lights are very popular due to their higher energy efficiency and lesser operating costs.

Here are a few tips to choose the best one. 

1. Choose The Right Type

There are many types of high bay LED lights. Choosing the best one will depend on your space layout, ceiling height and the design of your space.

Traditional high bay lights – Traditional or conventional high bay fixtures are often used in buildings or spaces with high ceilings. These fixtures usually use incandescent, fluorescent or metal halide lamps but there are many alternative options with LED replacements. 

They can be used for many lighting purposes like industrial lighting, commercial lighting, warehouse lighting and retail lighting. These fixtures are usually fitted with aluminum reflectors. They tend to have high energy and maintenance costs so if you want a cheaper option, you should consider other types of high bay lights.

Round high bay lights – These lights are also called UFO high bay LED lights due to their round UFO style design. They are easy to install and can be used for commercial and manufacturing facilities like gyms and retail stores. 

These lights are available in high temperature rated versions which makes it suitable for industrial buildings which have high temperature requirements. They are also aesthetically pleasing so if that is important to you, you should consider Round high bay lights. You can find some of the best UFO LED high bay lights at LEPRO.com

Linear high bay lights – these lights are very commonly used in grocery stores, retail stores and warehouses. Spaces which are divided into many aisles can benefit from these types of lights. 

Some versions of linear lights might come with dimming features and motion sensors. You can opt for skinny linear lights or panel style high bays which distribute light over a larger area.

2. Go For Lights Which Have A High Lumen Per Wattage Rating

The lumen per wattage rating determines the efficiency of the LED light. This rating shows how much light or lumens a bulb produces using one watt of electricity. This rating can vary depending upon the type, design and quality of the high bay lights.

 For example, linear high bay LED lights can be rated differently from UFO style high bays. Similarly, one brand of UFO high bays can be rated differently from another brand. If one brand has a rating of 150 lumens per watt and another brand has 100 lumens per watt, the first one will be more energy efficient.

3. Choose Lights Which Have a Dimming Function

A dimming feature will allow you to maintain consistent lighting throughout the changing conditions of the day. For example, during the daytime brightness can be decreased since natural light is available in plenty.

 Light dimmers also help save energy which is very convenient if you don’t want a high brightness level most of the time in your working area. Some high bay lights have motion sensors which automatically adjust the brightness level depending upon the ambient light conditions.

 Here are some factors which determine the quality of LED bay lights.

  • Quality of the LED chip – The LED chip is the main component of LED lights. Poor quality chips will severely affect the lifespan and brightness of your lights. There are different types of LED chips. Make sure you go for lights with well reputed chips which have a good luminous efficacy, colour temperature and brightness. 
  • Optical system – A good optical system will ensure proper dispersion of the light. It prevents the presence of a yellowish tinge in the light. Check the quality of the light optical diffuser in the LED high bay lights. The presence of polycarbonates is usually the indicator of good quality. 
  • Construction – Stay away from flimsy and poorly constructed high bay lights. Make sure the design is good and there are no loose parts. Check if the lights have powder coating and proper thermal management. 

5. Check The Color Temperature Of Lights

The color temperature rating of the lights will affect its color and appearance.

LED high bay lights with ratings of 2700-3000K tend to produce warm toned light. On the other hand, lights with temperature ratings of 4000-6000K produce warm toned light.

While selecting a color temperature rating, you should consider the effect you want to achieve including the color of your space. Offices and working spaces generally use cool LEDs. In commercial and residential lighting applications, the color temperature rating is usually between 2500 and 6500K.

6. Choose Lights With More Lumens For High Ceilings

Spaces with high or tall ceilings will need more lumens than spaces with standard ceilings. Go for LED bay lights which have narrow beam angles.

Wide beam angles will diffuse a lot and become too soft when they hit the floor because of the distance between the floor and the ceiling. Narrow beam angles will provide intense and concentrated light. High bay lights with reflector trims will contribute to a higher light intensity. 

You can consider the following guide below. 

  • 10-15 feet – High-bay lights with 10,000 to 15,000 lumens. 
  • 15-20 feet – High-bay lights with 16,000 to 20,000 lumens. 
  • 20+ feet – High-bay lights with 25,000 lumens and more. 

7. Purchase From Companies Which Offer Lighting Services

For large commercial projects, it is much better to buy LED high bay lights from companies which offer installation services and will review your space to help you choose the best lights. This is great for people who have no idea what kind of high bay lights are suitable for their space. 

Getting rebates from local utility providers is also something you should look for while considering a company. Make sure the company offers good warranty periods and has a good reputation for honoring it. 


Before buying high bay LED lights make sure you do thorough research about the different types so you can pick the best type for your space. Purchase from trusted brands that have a reputation for good customer service. 

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