3 Tips to Improve Home Warmth for the Savvy Lifer

Coming home to a warm and cozy home is everyone’s dream at the end of a long, hard day. Whether you spend most of your time in the family home or away travelling, a toasty space makes for high quality living and relaxation worth looking forward to.

On a warm summer day, it can be difficult to priorities investing in heating your home over other spending opportunities. However, you and your family will be glad you did on a cold winter’s evening!

Anyone can take advantage of our three top tips for a warmer home with options to suit every budget!


Thermal building insulation is used under flooring and in exterior walls to prevent heat from escaping. It is also possible to insulate a property acoustically and against fire. Thermal insulation works by slowing conductive and convectional heat flow; as a result, heat is retained, and the house stays warm.

Insulating your home efficiently could save you over 40% on electric bills! It can also reduce your household’s carbon footprint and permanently eliminating mold and condensation from the walls and ceilings.

If you want to go greener and save money but just can’t afford to, you may be eligible for a Home Insulation Grant, which can help cover the upfront cost of materials and labor.


Research shows that the environment you live and work in has a sizeable effect on productivity, sleep quality and general health. Lighting your home with warmth and efficiency is essential to your family’s health and happiness.

In a physical sense, halogen and incandescent lighting get very hot, whereas LED and fluorescent lights don’t provide the same heat level. These lighting selections will significantly impact the room’s temperature, as do naked flames such as candles.

Psychologically, it can be beneficial to optimize the home’s natural lighting as artificial light has been proven to decrease cortisol levels and cause fatigue. When you need artificial lighting, choose warm glows and a muted brightness level for that comfortable, homely feeling.


Whether your home is modern or classically decorated, you’ll want a heating system that works for you: practically, financially, and stylishly. 

From traditional column radiators to en-suite towel rails, there is a wide range of options to ensure you find the right fit for every room, slotting perfectly into the room’s decoration.

Top tip: use remote thermostatic control!

To add a touch of luxury to your every day, you can add a remote thermostat to turn up the heat just in time for your arrival home. It’s practicality at your fingertips.

In summary

If you’re feeling distracted by how chilly your home is, try any of these top, budget-friendly tips to heat up your home. Insulate your home, select mood lighting that makes you feel warm and re-evaluate your home’s heating system and your access to it.

Your warmth not only affects your comfort, but your mood, sleep, and productivity too. Take control of your family’s warmth today!

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