10 Creative Lighting Ideas for your Home

There are tons of different ways you can design the interior of your home to make an amazing impression on guests. Many of these ideas include changing the atmosphere by adding or removing furniture or appliances. But have you ever thought about how lighting can influence your home?

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Lighting can play a big part in how your home appears, and how appealing it seems to not only you but also to guests. There are many different ways you can light your home nowadays, from candles to electric fireplaces that can create a great mood, to industrial and retro lights to give it a more steam-punk era feel. Here are some great creative ideas you may want to try!

Wall Lights

More often than not, we are used to our lights hanging above us in some kind of fashion. While this is extremely useful, it is common and overused. An idea to change this would be to add wall lights!

Wall lights are simple lights that you just hang on your wall rather than from your ceiling. Wall lights are easy to mount onto your wall, and provide exceptional lighting! These are a great way to spice up your living environment just enough to be a little more unique.

Candle Light

We’ve come a long way from how we used to provide light in dark areas. When the sun would go down, we often went off to bed, or if it was a dark place we would not traverse there. Then we made candles, and later on, we invented light bulbs and electricity.

But just because candles are obsolete due to electricity and light bulbs doesn’t mean that we still can’t use them! Candles are great lighting sources that can often provide a touch to another sense, which is your sense of smell. Candles are relatively cheap sources of light that can be used to add great lighting and depth to your home by bringing back this old-school lighting arrangement. 

Sunlight from Windows

Another nod to a more classical and survival style lighting, getting your lighting from our main source of energy and light in the first place. Sunlight! Now we may not be able to harness the light from the sun yet without solar panels, but we can have windows that are open to bring sunlight in during the daytime.

Clean windows allow the light from the sun to come into your home at all different times of the day, and what better way to bring different moods would be the rising and falling of the sun. At different times of the day, when the sun is going through its various stages, it will give your home a different mood to match the time of day.

Industrial Style

While it may seem like a more factory-like lighting sense, industrial lights come with great design and style. This could be used to make your home look more unique and interesting as it could bring different feelings of interest or appeal when seen.

Industrial lights tend to be bigger, can be mounted onto walls, and are easier to change out. But they may also cost you some more money in the electrical sense since they are bulkier and take more power.

Electric Fireplaces for Mood Lighting

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Make your living room a great focal point to set an awe striking mood with a realistic electric fireplace! This brings a great mixture of the old rustic feel of a fireplace with a chimney and mixes that with a more modern electrical feel that provides great warmth and style.

The great part of electrical fireplaces is that they can come in different styles and types that will add to your atmosphere while providing you a great service of warmth and mood.

Neon Lighting

Neon lighting is often seen in signs of a large city or thought of when we see “Open” signs at stores. However, this is not always the case as you could have neon signs in your home or just neon lighting in your home to set a new trend or style.

While they are bright and powerful, neon lighting is a great choice for those who want to break the norms of decoration and create a more unique image with different lighting.

LED Strips for a Playful Atmosphere

Another new-age lighting style is the LED strips that can be attached or hung anywhere! These strips often come with playful coloration giving you the ability to change the lights as you please while shining brightly. If you’re more of a person who likes parties, this may be a great choice for you.

LED strips use less energy and are easy to place anywhere in your rooms. While you can change the brightness and color, they often provide great light and won’t hurt your eyes. 

Smart Lighting

A more simplistic yet exciting way to change the lighting of your home is with smart lighting. This style of lighting is when you have bulbs that produce light but can be altered to change the brightness and hue of the light.

This means it can be your standard yellow or white light that we’re used to, or you can alter this to produce colorful light while also adjusting the brightness in case the color was too bright or too dim. 

String Lights

Similar to what you hang on your Christmas tree during the holiday season, yet in a more common sense than Christmas one, you can use string lights. String lights are… well, light bulbs or lights attached to a string that is hung up on the walls or attached to the ceiling of your home. This allows you to run lights throughout your house on walls or in the air while giving off lighting.

The bonus to string lights is that you can attach them to any location and keep it going as long as you like. Plus you can attach different things to the string, such as pictures, emblems, or other decorations to give it more personality.

Self Illuminating Shelves

Last but not least, you can always get some shelves that give off light! These illuminating shelves allow you to get two things done at once, have a place to put things or decorate, and give off light to light both the room and the area around it.

This can be used to create a great display and light up certain sections of the rooms to bring interest to a main focal point on the shelves or room. You can use this to bring a unique appearance to any room while adding focus to a certain area.

Make your Home Fun and Unique!

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When customizing your home you may get worried about all the extra little details to make it look amazing. But what you should remember is that you can be creative to make your home fun and unique. So you shouldn’t worry about making everything perfect, but making your home look great to you. You can surely visit https://www.homeblisshq.com/, for any interior design ideas, decoration ideas, as well as home improvement needs.

Next time you’re changing things up, try these creative ways to make your home more fun with lighting, like adding an electric fireplace, getting some candles, or heck, try all 10 of these creative ideas!

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