UseDesign Ski Floor Lamp

UseDesign lamps are handmade from reclaimed and discarded materials, modified, assembled and then painted to obtain stylish lights. Source: Recyclart.


Helmet Wall Sconce

Easy way to recycle your old construction helmet ! Transform it into an original wall light! Source: Recyclart.


Lampshades Chandelier

Pendant lighting chandelier made from an assemblage of old lampshades joined together. Made by designer James Plump. Do not forget to read our full DIY … Read more


Customize your light with Vibia

VIBIA is based in Barcelona (SPAIN), a place of cultivated design culture and an important knowledge cluster, they offer new creative possibilities which will enable you … Read more


Suspension Balloon Ceiling Lights

Lovely suspension Balloon from Estiluz, Spanish Company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of contemporary decorative lighting products of high quality. Equally at home in a … Read more


Pallet Pavillion Outdoor Lighting

Structure made with 1300 pallets assembled with tie rods, ground anchors and pull straps. Designed to be easily assembled and dismantled, and then entirely recycled at a … Read more


Bedhead Wood Desk Lamp

Is the bedhead-lamp a lamp either a piece of furniture? Doubtless both at the same time. Certainly, “Lisette” has the drawing of a lamp, and … Read more

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